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I don’t want to sound rude, but I believe you should at least finish 0.7 before continuing progress on this game.. because your followers and patreons have waited way too long for it, and they deserve at least that you put the best effort to get it out while focusing on it fully, at least the 0.7 version.. I don’t really care but seeing all the people that support you turn on you and you do this.. not respectful to them at all.

Stop crying

Stop crying and just wait



niga damn



Not for a Renpy game, but for a miserable update.. x’D


Waiting game on milfy is over a year now,, are you retarded?

Simp hunter




Start crying

Nigger it’s been 3 months since you made this post and still no update after waiting nearly a year.


Yo dude, I think they are doing very large-scale good shit. Better to let the update come out in a year, otherwise it will turn out like with cyberpunk 2077. Just chill man.


chill my ass nigger, we already chill one year, stop fucking defend this fucking scammer, stupid kid.

Alex Brown

It’s a fucking RenPy game, 90% a visual story, the exact opposite of an open world game like Cyberpunk. and imo 2 years is too much for an update for any game.


Shut up stupid Fanboy Wanker!


When the milfy city version 7 release


gotta not agree. be patient you sac of shit

Gand mara

Shut the fuck up u pussy


Sweet, another project you will lose interest in half-way despite charging patrons monthly with no updates only to eventually abandon it before completion to start a new project!


You’ll try your hardest not to rip off your patrons? How can you justify “a slower speed” (it’s been over a year since the last update) to patrons expecting a timely return on their investment?
You’re a fraud and a liar, and if you really gave a damn about your patrons you would pause your patreon account for a long time and deliver free content to make amends for charging patrons and delivering nothing.

But you won’t do that, because you’ve become used to taking money for nothing.


To be fair, people who are stupid enough to keep supporting him on patreon are the ones responsible. As long as they keep giving him free money, he’s just gonna do whatever the fuck he wants unfortunately.. The only thing i’d suggest doing is report him on patreon for not delivering what was promised.


Be honest, even when you hate Icstor (I’m not saying I don’t), you envy him cause he found a way to get a lot of money without working.

Not the case.

He got lucky. That luck won’t last forever and someone with his attitude towards work, deadlines and honesty isn’t going to make it far in life. This Milfy City coattail ride won’t last forever and he’ll have to put effort into something. That’s when it’ll bite him in the arse and he knows it.


Lmao, he has already made millions with this. He has made it far in life. Now go suck ya mommas tits and stfu bitch.


worst part is it’s a renpy game. MOST of the time involved in making this game is rendering. Something you can start and literally get up and walk away from your comp for hours.


so why not post on patreon and tell them (just cancelled mine) whats going on, the last we all heard was the update would be out within the next month, that was May 22nd. You’ve then ghosted everyone while continuing to take everyones cash. If you aren’t up to completing this game just say so.

scam? scam.

the fact that you had the nerve to say the work continues despite promising us an update months ago speaks volumes about you as a person. wanker


if you want to be sincere for slowing down and “take a break” then stop payments of patreon and then people will believe you.

Franciss soriano

Slower speed?? Man its been a couple of months have you realized that when you finish the update0.7 in milfy city you can now do the new project at full speed with no bother…. consider it bro because we are your supporters we support you and your games plssss icstoe considee it


Man, you started a masterpiece and you’re almost there. Just finish it for god’s sake.

Milking the Cows

>noooo because he needs the moneyyy


I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece.
Summertime Saga takes that place imo.

No one

my guy, respect to your game, milfy city stays a fantastic piece of art but fr? When i look at DrPinkCake, a developer just as talented as you, he delivers a new update to his game: Being a DIK every few months, the animations, art and dialogues are at the same level and the updates are just as long or even longer so just give that update smh


and he does it while working alone

your father

yep buddy you’re right i already tried that game being a dik and that game author give update on time but this milfy city author just ghosting us again and again this game was awesome but the author just made us sad and angry…


True, fuck even check out Treasure of nadia. The animation is on another level compared to this game, and the story is great imo. Also the dude updates every like month or so.
This developer is just a lazy cunt.

What about ... No name?

Truth be told. You are practically lying to your whole patronage. You are unable to keep up with the dates, you are absolutely egoccentric and you mute everyone who asks you anything about the next release on discord. You are an extortionist and a coward who’s uncapable to face the consequences of your lies. You haven’t even finished the version you promised on the MC game and you are already creating a new one for the same outcome. You are so naive, you literally come here and you indirectly admit you have lost interest on completing MC by saying you… Read more »


When will be the
Milfy city .7 available,??

Milking the Cows

In the Year 2222

your father

yes i thinks so:/


You are a dirty scam artist and a crook.


Buy yourself a rope with all that Patreon money.


hey Milfy City v0.7

what time finish ?

If you have any common sense and decency AT ALL, you should go full speed with Milfy City and work on Project X in a slower speed. Your patrons PAY MONTHLY for Milfy City. Not Project X. If you’ve lost interest in Milfy City and want to abandon it, JUST SAY SO. That way the patrons that are only sticking around for it can unpledge and spend their money elsewhere. But of course you wouldn’t do it. You KNOW the moment you announce that, MOST of your patrons will leave. So you continue being the scammer you are, dangling the… Read more »


You must complete the update of milfy city. We have waited too long, else it will lose the interest in your upcoming projects


You must add some gangbang scenes in milfy city
Like aunt gangbang, lisa bob and player threesome, etc…. Plz try to implement that in your game. So it might get worthy enough to get interest in your games. And to keep supporting you on patreon


you really think anyone with a bit of sense in them will believe that after you have done it not with 1 game, your last 3 games were rushed, you have never completed a game fully and I know because I have seen your progress since you started in 2017 with rpgm. I did even support and defend you at some point. If you have any self respect for those that are still supporting you, you should finish Milfy city no matter what, is the least you own them.

Icstor Ripoff

Fuck off even though I have not spent a single dime on your game.

your father

when will this game o. 7 version will 100% complete i think next year:(

your father

yeh buddy listen to me first thing is please update this game fast and second thing make milf control game for Android also please buddy


fck u

your father

you fucking idiot now you stopped this game update in 90% how much time you take loser we are paying you but you bitch taking our money and giving nothing you bloody bitch


Hey man, I am a HUGE fan. I love your game, and you have an amazing talent to make beautiful characters and a great story. If I could do what you do, there’s no way I would work a 9 to 5 job man. Because making money would be pretty friggen easy. A regular job is soul crushing man. Especially working in a factory. You’ve got a golden ticket man. Please use it, and continue to make this awesome game. I honestly hope you never stop making new content because I love your work, and I’m sure you will just… Read more »


What slower speed… we are waiting for the new upadate long time.. we want the. 7 update of milfy city immeadiately


i think it will take two or three month

Porn Legend

look dude….no pressure but believe me no one lost interest in milfy city……we only want milfy city not some other projectX…..plz we plead u to make milfy the best porn game on the planet……plzzzzzu can work on projectX next time…..milfy city is prior


Let me rephrase what you said Lord, I think you meant is, “HAHA SCAM GO BRR”


this year has sucked so far, release version 0.7 and we’ll be happy. Just please, if you need to hire people to do it for you please do that.


Hey man. i realize that all the anger is off-putting – you haven’t said anything since everyone turned on you – but this is part of the process. An unfair part of it. That said, I get that you might have grown beyond Milfy City, and I get that. But you asked people to pay you for a story, and they have. Leaving it at 90% for a real long time is going to make you want to just rush an ending. Don’t do that, bc folk will expect you to do the same thing with Project X, and they… Read more »

Icstor Sucks Balls

I guess we can expect another money-grabbing scheme where each update gets delayed 3 months on average.


You have lost your reputation of a talented and well-known developer and transformed your name into a synonym of a liar and scammer. Looking forward to another one of your excuses about delays in development. Never was one of your patrons and never will be in the future


No offence but finish one game first




you got some nerve man. after such a long time, you want to do THE EXACT SAME SHIT you did to Incest storys 2 and Milf’s Villa.

Last edited 2 years ago by PHD

In a normal job this guy would have been fired months ago. People, stop supporting him and hell realize that he has to change his work ethic


You lied about an update that was supposed to release months ago and you still haven’t explained why the it isn’t out. To me you’re nothing more than a common crook. Scam artist.




my name isn't important

Dude says “MF isn’t cancelled, it’s just slowed production. Then barely a month later MF 1.0 is ready for release and set to release in 2021, 3 months in, not a word, and his new project is on hold. Bruh, if you’re gonna run a scam, at least make it less obvious.


Damn I canceled my patron sub in april since there was nothing since december. But just after I canceled my sub there was some new post on ur patreon but I didn´t want to sub just to read some shit I just wanted an update for the game. Im glad I canceled my sub and have not resubscribed since now insted of finnishing an update that we have been waiting for since ur last release 1 december. It have been 8 months since ur last release and according to your patreon you are only at 80%. It must be a… Read more »


No need to sub to him, just go to f95zone and to the milfy city thread and get the updates/game for free. This guy doesnt deserve any money


It’s not his fault, actually it’s those assholes’s fault who do not stop giving him money for nothing. Just imagine you’re being paid thousands bucks every month and you don’t have to do anything. It’s common sense. All humans were born with economic instinct, and you guys really need to stop feeding him. He is living in paradise and he don’t need to be desperate. If you assholes make him hungry, I bet he will bring his work done by next weekend for sure. That’s how the world works.

Last edited 2 years ago by idiots

exactly !! 100% agreed

Milking the Cows

yep !!!!


yeah… i mean he made over a quarter million dollars this year for doing basically nothing….. milk this another year and he can live comfortably the rest of his life and never have to work again.

Scam reported on Patreon website. We're going to kill this wanker

fuck u icstor even cyberpunk is out now and u just pick another way to bring up a scam “v1.0”

Really ?

Why did you not spend some of that money to hire someone to do your job if you are not up to the task ? Pretty shady way of doing business. Grow some balls; own your failings; make up for all the harm you have caused to yourself and the reputation of other patreon devs. Your name has become synonymous with an online scammer and its no ones fault but your own. Stop being such a pathetic crybaby and do your fucking job. There are a lot of people who don’t have any. Btw that also involves COMMUNICATION to your… Read more »


Man, you’re slowly ruining your reputation online. Every time you start a project, get bored and then start another project without properly finishing the previous one, you push people away. It will come a time when people will not want to support any of your projects. Milfy City was the first game that I played made by you, and when I started playing you already had a reputation of never properly finishing your games. It is sad because you’re clearly a talented dev, but you don’t seem to be able to commit to anything until the end.


I am gay
Please fuck my momma


His patreon supporters are the root cause of his massive delays. If he lost 50%+ patreons you’d magically see him pull the stick out of his ass and pump out an update in a week or two.

Why would he work on a game a few hours a day when the patreon guys already proved they are willing to give him 30,000+ a MONTH for zero updates?


Ok so we’ve been waiting essentially a year for 0.7 after 0.6 was also a year.. Over 30K dollars on patreon a month, while other games develop content faster and with wayyyy more stuff.. And now the guy starts a new project without even finishing milf city Honestly icstor is just laughing at us and anyone who is still supporting him.. What a joke.


yeah… i mean he made over a quarter million dollars this year for doing basically nothing…..


Just dropping by to remind everyone that “in 2021” spans the entire length of time from 2021/01/01 to 2021/12/31.

See you guys after next Christmas.

Dmitriy Zhukov

You’re just an asshole.


Scum blocked me on discord for telling the truth

holy molly another money making game here or should i say scamming time?why?you wasted all your money to all of the whores in your place?you should be ashamed of yourself you fucking fag,you never had balls to finish milfy city you fuckin fag!fuck off scammer!


Hey, man. Even if you really have all these depression issues why are you continue to behave like scam? Pause the billing until MC gets finished. You’ve got shit ton of money for the last year for doing nothing.

Last edited 2 years ago by Cherto

you have become a big disappointment
your supporters have already realized this and are abandoning you
your number of supporters is falling rapidly


You’re such a trash person honestly. Instead of working on the game so many people support you for, you ghost and come back with this trash. You should be ashamed.

Karma is a bitch

Brothers, his patreon subscribers are receding. The number of unsubscribers are close to 400-450. Let’s bring this piece of shit down! Keep unsubscribing. Payback is a bitch.

Too little too late

Another 352 people unsubscribed. Now Icstor knows people were very serious. Message got delivered. It’s too little too late. Fuck this bitch. Keep unsubscribing brothers!


People should’ve been doing this earlier

random guy

march now, 10 months remaining.. then we will hear that the game actually will release in 2022..


Its all a huge trick to his Patrons. He keeps dangling the carrot for the idiots that pay still. EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP GIVING HIM MONEY. He’s just getting free money to sit around doing nothing.

Fck icstor

Fuck you lying piece of shit


Why dont you just complete a simple update atm and then do whatever you want?


Just cancel your patron to him, no need to flame him, if you aren’t pleased with his lack of effort, don’t give him your money, I cancelled mine and won’t come back.

Rise brothers

Boycott this dick people. Stop being his patreon. If you want milfy city than give him something more than just comments. Enough is enough. Our voices are not enough. Rise people. Have we totally given into this man? Is he going to lie to us again and again? Have we no sense of self worth? Is this game so dear to us that we will still give him money after being lied for nearly a year? Have we no sense of pride left in us? For the sake of whatever pride is left in us brothers, let’s fuck this lying… Read more »

Kimchi Papi

No disrespect, as much as I want to support you, you’ve made it impossible for most of us to sympathize for you. I get it, we all have our ups and downs, life is tough for all of us, especially during a pandemic. But your main issue is making promises you cannot live up to. Please stop giving us false hope about the possible release dates, then ghosting us for months all a sudden. Either update us on the regular, or don’t tell us anything at all. I remember couple months back, you set up a poll asking us whether… Read more »

Not the case.

Just wanted to laugh at the people still giving him money. I’ve seen the discord, there’s nothing there to warrant faith he’ll follow through.

Pathetic. Worse than the pathetic morons who throw money at onlyfans.

Milking City

Even worse, he has gained about 1000 patreons since I last checked about 2 months ago. Wtf is wrong with people?

Icstor is SCAMMER

Let’s just report this guy on patreon, why starting new project and not completing milf city first??!! Jerk

Speak The Truth

Icstor is a total scammer piece of shit. If you give this lazy fuck a single penny you are an idiot.


I hope you will continue doing games, like you did in the past. When updates for Milf’s control, Incest storys 2 or Milf’s Villa were out every 2 weeks (as I remember). Now so many words about ICSTOR. You had problems with your health, you lost interest to your game and other. YOU MADE MILFY CITY – game, when out just blow up your patreons and just a little group of devs could do smth great like your game. And now you just telling us, that milfy city is going to background and we need to wait around 6 months… Read more »


Fucking trailer white trash experiencing things he never had the chance to experience before. You made him lazy with your support. Lowborn is sitting on a pile of cash, of course he got fucking lazy, what did you expect?! He’s not professional even tho his games are good. Being a professional developer is not only about being good at developing games which is only 1 branch. You need to communicate with your own supporters who are giving away their cash not knowing into what. You need to fucking respect your own self and have to stand behind your own fucking… Read more »


Fck u icstor
u fcking take too lone
u just want to take money


Fuck u scammer

gay icstor

Put this game in your ass . Fuck off !!


well this is one way to anger you fans

Project Xcam

Half a job is no job at all. Wrap up milfycity before you start anything else? For the people that are paying you to do it maybe ?

just a man

learn the respect


Summertime saga does the job sooo good! You always know, when the update comes, icstor should learn from them


Its 90% boys we talk again in 2030 when its gonna be 91.


just want to say fuck you

Daniel Clark

To be honest i discovered you 2 months ago i amazed by the milf city when i first played it. Animations and characters was just perfect. Without any hesitation i did say: “damn this guy is definetly in my top 5 game devs for adult visual novels from now on.” After for a week i checked your patreon and i checked when the game last updated. I was very excited about milf city to be honest i wanted to see more content and whats gonna happen with Linda and with other girls. Im just dissapointed when i saw the game… Read more »