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Holy SHIT!!! let me tell you GUYS, this is the best fucking VN out there if you guys are into mom-son kink, honestly i have a feeling i can’t enjoy any other VN after playing MILFY CITY it was certainly worth the wait, it fucking blew me away with its first update, DOD, DMD, any incest novel doesn’t stand a chance, the story, renders, every damn thing is impeccable. We were so deprived of skinship(mommy love) in Milf Villa this one does the justice, you can’t see it but im literally on the verge of tears!, Thx icstor for this… Read more »


I want my mother to have a love affair with my son, just like Dating my Daughter.


hey icstor!!!! the mother will be the initiator of the sexual tension with the Son? and we going to see the POV of the Mother with all her thinking about her son? thx


I highly doubt thats gonna happen but I absolutely love the idea, if we get to role play the mom, i’m very curious too whats going on her mind with all those sexual innuendos happening with her son daily xD

You sir have my respect! brilliant idea mate 🙂


What i mean is we control the Son but we need to see what the Mom is thinking about His son and the evolution of Her sexual urge.

But a game where THE MC is the Mother would ne fantastic


Honestly I’m not too keen on playing as the mom for the full game, one and only reason is that you will miss out tons of stuff if u play as her especially her killer body and curves, however what I was suggesting is suppose if this game turn out to be episodic like dating my daughter or dreams of desire, for some episode pov could switch from the guy to his mom then on she will be the protagonist and this is how it will jump back and forth, it will be very beneficial for the long run you… Read more »


Sorry i just want to know what the mom thinking about the son


You will implicitly get half the idea of what moms thinking by her expression, dialogue, and definitely the mood she is in when MC is around, but i bet not the whole picture since the story isn’t narrated from her perspective….btw bro you should join discord and text there if you need any clarification, Icstor is there he is not too responsive since he is a busy dude but you might get lucky 🙂 ..Im there too just pm(-XÄÑAX-#7897) if you wanna have a chat lol :mrgreen:


Thx mate


Absolutely fam, i gotchu, excited for the update mate?…dont quote me on this but i’m anticipating the release will be this week, dude u cant imagine im going full on bonkers for this update bruv lol


But he asked his patreon about how the game would be going and the people voted MOM love son in the game in the beginning then the usual son love every pussy. Im scared its not this but we will see.
1 week nah he is at 80% and normally he upgrade 5 or 10% max in oneshot


Yeah bro saw the poll results, i don’t mind actually i mean there are so many incest games out there with basically the same thing— mc being strongly infatuated with his mom, then the story slowly progresses for each other to a point they are shagging each other like rabbits, but having said that i still like that shit though i like how well dreams of desire portrayed it, Pure Elegance …honestly i feel like this is a breathe of fresh air it could be fun trying out something different, you might hate it at first or love it after… Read more »


Ya i am very excited too see a different thing.the Mother Who have attraction with the son in the beginning is very nice. Sorry for m’y bad english


zenzaji likewise brother, and i hope you joined discord by now. You are missing out tons of pictures man xD. For the sake of all the horny pervs out here and your benefit im telling you bro join the discord chatroom you are missing out tons of pics and other stuff infact this pics were posted long ago on discord, and don’t even sweat man your english is absolutely fine hell i would say its even better than some people out here. Like you, im not a native english speaker its not like i have anything to brag about. If… Read more »


I use discord for gaming and i dont want to mix my personnal life with my pervert life you know


I understand bro and I respect your privacy, it’s your call man, but you can sometimes join the server while staying invisible as long as you don’t chat or interact with the people on the server you can still check things out while still staying incognito. 😉


Is there anyother games like this except icstor ones


more love affairs with mom will be good,and of course more exciting scenes

Mike Richardson

Perfect pics. Thank you so much. I hope, you will release the game before February 5th.

Alex mardea

When’s the third preview coming?


Caroline is hot!!! Need more stuff with her please!!

Jacob 67nr



Man i really like your character design and i think you need to nake more character like the mom in milfs villa that just perfect milf.


A bit longerstory would be greatly apreciated.


This guy knows exactly what i feel and want!

Amen to that sir 😉

Ain’t nothing greater than Skinship* in the adult gaming world #MommyGang lol

*Condition’s Applied : Only if the mommy is this pretty


The Mom is soo sexy dude! you out did yourself this time and i cant wait for the release im hoping soon!?


I have to admit. Your game is really best. It was worth the wait.




Does this phase of testing never end?


New preview pic?

Mang Kanor

This could become a trend over Summertime Saga in the Philippines. You just need a facebook fan page of promoting this great game


I’m anxious waiting for Sara to have sex with her brother.


How long you want to testing


That second last pic im just speechless, i will tell you something regarding that one pic in discord ICSTOR


Hmm.. I think there is gona more pic like that when games out.


Hahaha I know bro, there will be much more than that…what we just saw it’s the just the tip of the iceberg 😀



You’re a legend, ICSTOR


does not that ever launch !?


thats seriously the longest 30% ever


i hope this ends in a family orgy!


This delay is already ridiculous.


I think we supporters deserve an explanation from icstor


i don’t think so. if you didn’t think you were getting your money’s worth, you could have stopped supporting or temporarily reduced the amount to just $1 like i did while the release is in development.


The Game is 0.1 but already great! Love characters, beautiful and exciting!
But i have one suggestion. It will be great if developer add some ending/cumming animations!


Bravo, Bravo.
I enjoyed this game VERY much. even though it was only about 2 hours of play, I can tell you put a lot of work into it. I think You make the best art animation out there for these typs of games. no one comes close to how real and professional it looks.
Looking forward to many more updates from you, keep up the good work!


super! )) a great game and great scenes for the lover foot fetish ^) Thank you!!!!! ))


the launch and today or not?


Whenever it’s ready FRIEZAAAAAAAAAA






3 months and 15 days , HELOOO ICSTOR you alive ?


Hey, icstor. You just said the release date would be 10.Feb. what’s going on now? You promise is bullshit!


Aye guys listen don’t click on those fucking Chinese ass name, their names are hyperlinked which redirects you to some suspicious url, i checked one of those links in sandboxie and virustotal it got flagged as malicious lol.




Great game,I wish I could play a new ver. ASAP.

pice of icstor

3 months and 14 days, waiting for 2019… may be released

Nego Drama

Are not you going to launch today? You said you would leave on the 10th and so far nothing yet.


if it’s not 10 it would be 17


any chance we’ll see this game this month? the last time there was an update to anything was mid October, that’s almost 4 months ago.


I hope so, cuz even my patience has its limits, he did mention in his patreon post to look forward for the release from 1-10th feb and also the completion percentage had hit 95%. Let’s roll by his words and see what awaits for us fellow pervs in future 😀



i stopped my patreon payments back in mid December when i realized that the game with my favorite characters, IS 2, was finished prematurely. i didn’t keep up with he feed, just came by to check for new releases. judging from the previews, while quiet nice, these characters don’t measure up to the ones in IC2. but that’s just my opinion. this game will really have to blow me away to resume supporting.


When will the launch be?


Do you have a release date?


Ä°n the final photo mom looks soo goob her calves and ass realy good but I hope this time no mind control or easy sex and I think son shouldn’t want have sex his mom you now must be real and this time mom should want to sex her sex some reasons cuz many time your other games son want to sex you know



PS. – I hate mind controlling to 😛

Good Looks!

Look Good!


where’s the latest update!!



Can you please fix tue bigs in the android version i can’t biy anything in th shop so i can’t progress on the stories. Thx


The Best Games Ever, I like it.
Good Story and good Randering


dunno if you ever read all the coments and even less of someone that is not a patreon, i wish i could actually support you with money,sadly at the moment cant, however i wanted to tell you that you are an amazing dev and your games are the best i have played, you keep getting better and better with each game both with ur writing and game dev skills, i admire what you do


loved the game and hope they continue with this one until its done instead of doing 2 games simultaneously


I’m anxious waiting for Sara to have sex with her brother..


Best In The World


super!!! Beautiful scenes for lovers foot fetish ) Gooooood !!!)))


3 month for 0.1 version? really? wow

for full game what? 4 years? GG

Uncle Urkle

You realize Icstors 0.1 build is going to be what most scummy patreon devs would call a 0.5 or higher build right? Given he switched over to Ren’py(Thank God)I would actually call it a fast transition. If anything devs should start to look at how Icstors 0.1 content releases are and set they bar by that.. Most games fail to get backed because their 0.1 builds are 5 minute demos that only end up angering anyone that looks at it.So QQ? It’s Coming..Soon.




soon as today tomorrow or next week ??

Uncle Urkle

The 17th


are you sure?

Uncle Urkle

So says the almighty Icstor in the discord channel..

Uncle Urkle

2-3 days I would consider pretty soon lol. He missed his first predicted window by only 7 days? I would say that’s not bad for an entirely new game.


New update


Wen ill u update new version of milfy city