IS 2 0.6 – Last Preview

Ok, I just finished all renders for the new version, now everything should go quickly 🙂 ( I decided to put preview here because on Patreon I can’t add post with Spoiler Alert, and I know that not everyone wants to see preview.) The story moves forward and probably only one update left, to finish the game.

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The scene with Mom and Sis is probably the longest scene I ever created ^^

May 15, 2016 Icstor News 15 Comments
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Now i can´t wait anymore. Surprise us this weekend 🙂


When can we expect the next fantastic Update? You told us something about 22-31 maybe earlier? Don’ t want to Stress you, i just can’t t wait anymore ;p

Fan Guy

This is so sad what the game almost done. I very like these characters, much more than Milf’s Control’s. Really hope for Incest Story 2.


Man you should let us enter the door to see the CGs when in the ending I only have this save file- -And I can;t see the CGs…….


When is the update?


Wow… first Mom/Aunt and now Mom/Sister? awesome!


Mission: Dad and teacher together okay.
Mission house of the uncle clean up okay.
Mission: tom and his mother slept okay.
Follows goal ??? I am lost, help …
night with sister and mother? how to do????


where is uncle?where is nicole? thank you.


How did we save game?


can any body
tell me i have only competed 3 mission and i had bonus key but it is not opening
please help me i cannot play futher

SBgreat fan

Why there is no mission journal? I cant find police woman after i buy the bed and sister came run to park.


hello guys i need the parent’s key and for this need find dad but i don’t find him can you help me ?


game over.
backup before speaking to Auntie …
how to review the cgs? I block …. I talk auntie and the game finished, how to retrieve the picture ??? pleas help ……


The site should have registered members , as well as to send money directly from members .


How can I gwt version 0.5? Just joined through patreon.